Lianli Pine (Couple Pine)


The pine is divided into two branches. The two branches almost have the same thickness and height. So far, they are full of vigor. It’s said that o­ne branch stands for Emperor TangMinghuang of Tang Dynasty, and the other stands for imperial concubine YangYuhuan of Tang Dynasty. They had sworn to be a couple forever even when they died. After they died, they had been buried in the same place – Huangshan Mountain. And they became this couple pine at the Beginning-to-Believe Peak of the North Sea. From that o­n, the couple pine symbolizes the faithful love.
Huangshan is beautiful all year round. In spring (March to May), all flowers blossom, pines turn green and the birds sing beautifully. Summer (June-August) is the best time to appreciate the pines and prevent sunstroke. In autumn (September to November), tourists can see the pines, rocks, maples and chrysanthemum. In winter tourists could admire the snow and the rimed trees. When the weather is fine, you could view the grotesque rocks, when it is cloudy, you can appreciate the changing clouds, when it rains, you could see the springs and waterfalls, when it snows, you could see the crystal tree and Rimed tree, when it is windy, you could listen to the sound made by the swinging pines. You could be satisfied in any kind of weather.


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